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#107 - Restraint

And we have a winner! The winning entry for the Button Press Christmas Competition was this: "this year i shall wake up handcuffed to something other than a bed... or at least with fluffier handcuffs". The winning entrant was Chris Wright, who followed up his suggestion with... "ironically, this was similar to my own". Congratulations to you, and your prizes shall be winging their way to you shortly!

Thank you to everyone who entered - there were some great resolution ideas, and it was incredibly difficult to choose from them. I could make a comic out of just about every one, but there can only be one winner. I will however be honouring a couple of runners' up, by doodling their resolution ideas into Origins-style comics, at a later date.

All I can say about this comic is... I hope nobody ever sits on that park bench again. More so after you observe the boxers hanging over the back...