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#113 - Mutual Property

If you follow the BP twitter page (link banner below) then you'll be up to date with the epic and neverending saga of my new computer. Annoying as it is to have to return a brand new computer because it's faulty, it's even MORE annoying when the store they're supposed to be shipping the new machine reserved for me from, accidentally sells it to someone else. I've been debating quite a lot this week as to whether this technically counts as theft.

Today's comic represents some of my darker moments during this past week of frustration, and my anger that there's a happy family somewhere with a brand new, fully working machine while my replacement machine still didn't work and had to go back to the store again. I momentarily considered fighting to get the missold one back for myself...

As of 6 O'clock this evening however, the new computer is fixed and finally within my possession. This means that in all probability, this will be the last comic created on my old laptop. This is a sad end of an era, and I'm glad I was able to mark the occasion with a comic of at least half decent quality. Comics should pick up and look better from this moment forward. Thanks for bearing with me everyone!