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#117 - Improvisation

I can think of a few tech office guys who'd throw a fit if they knew that I had done this with their equipment. I can only hope that they don't read this comic.

As a slight side note though, this is the first comic drawn on my new pc. It seems like a stupid statement considering how long ago I GOT the pc, but having been unable to afford any of the latest versions of Photoshop, I've had to keep drawing on my laptop. The desktop however came with a free copy of PS Elements, which I've always regarded as slightly more annoying and less productive than MS Paint. This week though I decided to give it a go and I'm happy to report that, while not even slightly as simple and great as PS, it does the job reasonably enough and so I'll save myself the massive expense for this month and keep using it for now. This should mean the comic drawing process will speed up somewhat. Hopefully.

Vic - Thursday 22nd April 2010