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#129 - With a Cherry On Top

Being of female persuasion, with girlparts and such, I'm more than used to the attention of some rather unfoundedly optomistic old men. There is however, a subtle difference between the shameless flirtations of an eighty-year old gentlemen who is merely paying tribute to a time when he may have been God's proverbial gift, and the outright vulgar mutterings of fat, greasy, middle-aged perverts who simply want to get some. With the latter, shame isn't even a factor.

This week's comic is the result of a brief encounter with one of the latter types of man. I've never in my life felt so much like a pet was ashamed of its owner, as this dog was of his.

As for the contest results... The winning caption can be seen here.

Vic - Friday 6th August 2010