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#132 - Autumn Release

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for last week's filler and the jokes therein. Though I may be justified in having to let BP stand in line while other commissions and commitments take priority, there was really no excuse for the copy and paste comedy that came straight out of my chat log with Olly. I hereby promise that future bad joke fillers will not be quite as bad as those.

As mentioned though, I'm currently juggling my other commitments, which are at their busiest in terms of eating up my time, hence the slight delay in posting. Today's comic is a brief preview of some ideas I've been playing with and a brief sneak preview of what may be to come over the next few months.

In other news, work on the book is going smoothly, as content lists are completed and designs for the additional artwork, well underway...

Note - I'm still looking for questions from you guys about Button Press, to potentially be answered and printed in the book. If there's anything you want to ask either Olly or myself about how the comic works, where it comes from, what we think of it, etc. etc. then message us and we'll decide which of the questions will end up in the final version of the book.

Vic - Thursday 26th August 2010