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#133 - That Faint Aroma

Life seems to be constantly full of outstanding deadlines at the moment. However the bigger projects are finally coming to a close so, all being well, I'll be back to normal and comic-ing on a far more regular basis once again. Until college starts in a few weeks and then I'll have a whole NEW set of things to take up my time... Today's comic is a bit of a quickie, since I'm doing it at 2am, but I feel that the sentiment is good enough for this to not be classed as a filler. In my house, we're fortunate enough to have multiple bathrooms, but I know all too well the horror of waiting in line to use the bathroom after THAT GUY has just been in there for a half hour with his dog-eared paper-back. You know what I mean.

Work on the book continues, with commentary in process from myself and Olly. Cover-work is coming along nicely and hopefully I'll soon have the finished product ready and pre-orderable, so that I can finally let everyone know how much it will be.

Vic - Wednesday 8th September 2010