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#139 - Nipples

It's still a sketch I know, but I just couldn't stand any longer to see the blurry doodle of on-location Steve. As you may have guessed from the filler-ish comic, I have still not managed to organise my time well enough to post a real comic. I hope to fix this by next week at least, but assuming my college work continues to consume time at this rate, I think I have to concede that the BP schedule is not likely to maintain regularity just over the next couple of months. Apologies for delays and I will endeavour to at least post SOMETHING each week.

I often explain that comics come from true life events but here I feel the need to emphasize the utter untouched truth of the dialogue. We have Olly to thank for it, somewhat unsurprisingly.

Vic - Wednesday 10th November 2010