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#147 - The Marvel Code

In years past I've spent a lot of time writing. Fictional stuff mostly, but the writing process at all I find interesting. I don't do it so much any more due to large amounts of writer's block, something I attribute to simply not having the right sort of creative space to work in. It's hard to get creative when your workspace is particularly uninspiring, distracting or whent there's home-drama going on around you. I've come to the recent conclusion that my artistic productivity seems to hinge on the same thing.

My recent bout of 'artist's block' seems to be due to the weird living space I'm currently inhabiting, having moved temporarily back into my parents house, where my stuff is in piles everywhere and my desk has just sort of been thrown up in the corner. I'm finding it hard to work this way.

So in efforts to reclaim some of the summer, and get my art stuff (inlcuding comics) back on track, I've turned back to traditional mediums - Paints, pencils and sharpies. The result is the comic you see above (Huzzah sharpies) and also the BP-themed canvas painting I had a go at the other week. There may be more paintings on the way, and I may be giving them out to anyone who wants one, as I don't really have any great use for lots of them here. (Fair warning - I'm not a particularly great painter).

Regarding today's comic - I went to see Captain America the other day, and at the film's end was shocked to find that with the exception of my partner and myself, every single audience member got up and left before the end of the credits. "What madness is this?" I cried. I know not everyone who goes to see a comic movie is an avid comic book fan, or even necessarily a big movie fan, but this was the day after release and I thought it was understood by now that when viewing a Marvel film, one must always wait until the end of the credits for the bonus scene. Apparently, I was mistaken, and news hasn't quite got round yet...

Vic - Monday 8th August 2011