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#157 - Moral Support

Happy Birthday BP! Today's comic marks the 4th birthday for Button Press, and I'm pleased that this year at least I managed to actually post something on the day. My general intention for Season 5 is to post more comics than I did in Season 4, the grand total of which being a shockingly unimpressive 18.

I'd like to pretend that there was a particularly good reason for the comic shortage this past year, other than my terrible time management skills. Whilst my life (as with most students, as far as I understand it) does vaguely resemble the scenario to the left, honestly I can't blame university deadlines entirely for my lack of determination towards comics, and my plan by the beginning of Season 6, is for there to be a comic in the archive for every week between now and then. So if I miss a week, the following week I'll do 2 comics to make it up. Or something like that. Let's see how that goes shall we?

Vic - Wednesday 30th November 2011